The Bestcare infographic was amazing.  I felt like it concisely put together many of the problems and solutions that healthcare faces.  This graphic should be offered as an introduction to HIT courses.  I have suggested in my discussions that the healthcare system look to other organizations for developing working models for the electronic record and patient education/involvement.  Online banking is an excellent example of how an institution has taken technology and provided a way for its users to become informed and involved in their own finances.  The healthcare system could also learn from their use of security.  They take it very seriously and would loose greatly if their security or accessibility was compromised. 


The incomplete record audit was the most interesting lesson this week.  At first I felt incredibly annoyed because they were in such a state of disaster that I could not make out what I was looking at.  Once I had figured out the assignment I was astonished that a professional created this document.  They were illegible, incomplete, and did not follow the instructions that were directly on the pages.